Event Agenda | Construction Technology Festival KSA


Movenpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh

14-15 December 2022

The Agenda

CTF provides real case studies on the implementation of BIM, Digital Twins, Virtual Construction, Gamification, Digital Sustainability, GIS, Design Automation, ERP and a whole lot more.

Day 1: 14 December 2022

Timings in Saudi Arabia time (Arabian Standard Time)

Day 1: Main conference


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The Keynotes


Morning networking break

Track 1

Track 2


Data Sovereignty

Design, Automation, Innovation & Dfma


ERP Powered Transformation

Offsite & Industrialised Construction


Digital Project Management/Controls


Networking lunch

Track 3

Track 4



Digitally Linked Sustainability


Virtual Construction & Gamification

Green Building Materials



Digital Twins


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Close of Day 1

Day 2: 15 December 2022

Timings in Saudi Arabia time (Arabian Standard Time)

Day 2: Workshop and awards


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By invitation only

Part 1: The Future of KSA Water Infrastructure – Digital Water Workshop by Bentley Systems

Venue: OPAL Ballroom, Movenpick Hotel & Residences, Riyadh

Full details: Digital Water Workshop | 15 December 2022 | KSA (ctf-ksa.com)


Break & refreshments


By invitation only

Part 2: The Future of KSA Water Infrastructure – Digital Water Workshop by Bentley Systems

Venue: OPAL Ballroom, Movenpick Hotel & Residences, Riyadh

Full details: Digital Water Workshop | 15 December 2022 | KSA (ctf-ksa.com)


Networking lunch


By invitation only

BIM for Developers and Contractors Onsite by Signax

Venue: OPAL Ballroom, Movenpick Hotel & Residences, Riyadh

Full details: BIM for Developers and Contractors Onsite by Signax | 15 December 2022 | KSA (ctf-ksa.com)


Closing refreshments

Co-located with Contracting Excellence Awards by Saudi Contractors Authority

For more information see: SCA CE Awards (ce-awards.sa)

14 December 2022

Timings in Arabian Standard Time (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

Main conference: Wednesday 14 December 2022
08.00 Registration and networking
The Keynotes
09.00 Welcome address:
Saudi Contractors Authority/MOMRAH
09.10 PANEL: Digital & sustainability trends in KSA mega projects

With the projects market so focused on resourcing and delivery issues, the big picture can easily be forgotten. How do you lay the best digital and sustainable foundations to ensure that what you are doing today will meet the needs of the project in 10-15 years’ time? How will customers and clients interact with these projects then and how should digitisation futureproof those needs? Explore which tools and approaches are making the best impact on project delivery and operation now and which are being mapped now to support future capability.

Led by:

Dr. Mansour AlOtaibi, Chairman of the Architectural Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)

In conversation with:

Scott Henshaw, Head of Design, Project Delivery, Red Sea Global

Julie Alexander, Smart Cities Director, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

Menno de Jonge, Director Digital Delivery, NEOM

Eng. Abdulaziz Al-Shareef, General Manager of Operation, National Housing Company

Ramez AlFayez, Smart City Director, KAFD Development & Management Company

09.50 PANEL: Shifting the market at scale: Overcoming pain points in digital adoption

Supply chain maturity is a key challenge facing project delivery in the Kingdom. Only when the entire value chain collaborates will the industry be able to transform digitally at scale. Getting the fundamental enablers - regulation, data, training and access to materials in place will support maturity and allow the industry to focus on digitalisation. Join the debate on value chain pain points in digital adoption and how the industry can come together to overcome these issues and move the needle.

Led by:

Riyadh Derouiche, Partner

In conversation with:

Shawki Gholmie, Vice President - Strategy & Corporate Development, Nesma & Partners Contracting Co.

Zulema Sanchis, Senior Digital Transformation Lead, Accuracy

Mohamed Elweshahy, Projects Director, Shomoul Holding Company

Abdulmajid Karanouh, International Director, Head of Interdisciplinary Design & Research, Drees & Sommer

Simon Cuciurean, Senior Advancement Director, Bentley Systems

10.30 Reshaping the Construction Industry

With sustainability as a founding principle, NEOM will reshape the construction industry, creating a blueprint for planning, designing and, ultimately, building the communities of the future. NEOM is taking a leading role in the digital transformation of the international construction industry, by defining and implementing the state-of-the-art digital, Industrialized Construction, Sustainable and Circular technologies. We “make it before we make it.” In other words: we build digitally first before we build physically. NEOM’s vision of the Design & Construction sector will be shared, including examples of using digital technologies in real projects an the outcomes so far.

Menno de Jonge, Director Digital Delivery NEOM

10.45 How digitisation is mitigating project supply chain risk

With the mega programmes competing for resources and sensitive to regional and global supply chain disruption, criticality of materials is a reality for most projects. Discover how monitoring platforms are being leveraged to predict material inflation, availability and risk and how localisation policies are being developed to help secure what is required.

Riyadh Derouiche, Partner

11.00 Morning networking break and tour
Track 1
11.30 Panel: Hard talk on data sovereignty & governance in projects

The implications of hosting data locally can be huge when it comes to enabling the supply chain to deliver projects on schedule and budget, especially if the rules are misunderstood or overstated. This session explains how understanding the value of data and its classification throughout the project lifecycle is key to compliance and successful project delivery and looks at the changing landscape in terms of infrastructure, governance and suppliers.

Led by:

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

In conversation with:

Sultan Moraished, Chief Information Security Officer, The Red Sea Development Company and AMAALA

Eng. Majed Tamer Aljendy, Chief Control Officer, Saudi Binladen Group

Andrew Rippon, Smart City Director, Royal Commission of Al Ula

Badr Burshaid, President, PMI KSA, Programme Director, Saudi Aramco

Sherief Elabd, Director of Industry Strategy and Innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering

QUICK CASE STUDIES: Success stories in ERP powered digital transformation

Digital transformation promises to reap benefits for organisations that can fully integrate, automate and digitalise their processes, providing end-to-end visibility and control of business and projects. This session showcases recent ERP implementations across the industry value chain in Saudi Arabia with obvious project cost, time and efficiency gains, from estimation & planning to O&M. Starting with level 1, base-line digitisation of back-end processes, through to second level automation and integration with BIM.

12.10 Story 1: A baseline cloud-driven ERP transformation for cashflow enhancement

Janak Vakharia, Chief Executive Officer, Xpedeon

Mohammed Salloum, Chief Operating Officer, Mas Engineering & Construction Company

12.20 Story 2: 100% digitisation of routine processes for improved productivity & safety management

Wees Abraham, VP–Operations and Board Member, SHADE

12.30 Q&A
QUICK CASE STUDIES: Success stories in digital project controls
12.40 Story 1: TBC

Mamdouh Khawaji, Group Chief Information Officer, Saudi Binladen Group

12.50 Story 2: TBC

Evan Filis, Principal Solutions Engineer, Deltek

Syed Saud, Systems Director, Red Sea Global

13.00 Story 3: Use of remote quality management in mega projects

Sherief Elabd, Director of Industry Strategy and Innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering

13.10 Q&A
13.20 Closing remarks

Okan Kizilirmak, Regional Director, Middle East & Africa, Aksa Group

13.30 Networking lunch
Track 2
Design Automation, Innovation, Dfma and Offsite
Led by: RJ Mahadev, Founder & CEO, RaaP Builders
QUICK CASE STUDIES: Design automation & innovation

Design automation can help alleviate resource shortages by saving the manpower hours in repetitive design components and enforce quality by eliminating human error and optimising 1000s of potential design routes. Taking new and innovative approaches to design management can provide a simultaneous review process and oversight including real-time reporting – leading to better designs

11.30 Talk 1: Parametric design with BIM automation for optioneering & quality in complex projects

Dr Ahmad Salih, Senior Director Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence, Khatib & Alami

11.40 Talk 2: Computational design automation in KSA infrastructure projects

Mohammad Al Ktaishat, Digital Project Delivery Lead for Civil Infrastructure, AECOM Middle East & Africa

11.50 Talk 3: A platform centric approach in more efficient design review and decision making

Arsen Safaryan, Director Information & Data Management, SEVEN

12.00 Talk 4: The next frontier in design innovation and management: Interdisciplinary design approach in KSA flagship projects

Greig Paterson, Interdisciplinary Design Director, Drees & Sommer

12.10 Talk 5: Dfma: Optimising offsite manufacturing for engineers

Patrick D. O'Callaghan, CEO, Off-Site Engineering Solutions 

12.20 Q&A Session
12.30 Applying a productisation approach to construction

Ihab Ramlawi, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dupod by Amana

Hattan Nazer, Vice President KSA, Saudi Amana

12.40 Adoption of modular construction in KSA housing sector

Dr Yasir Almaiqi, Advisor Offsite Construction, Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing

12.50 PANEL: How industrialised construction is the easiest route to drive digital transformation in KSA’s market

Moving construction activities to factory environments will facilitate digital transformation through more effective applications in data science (AI & Digital Twins), BIM and Common Data Environments. The convergence of precast methods with drone reality capture and advanced solutions like the metaverse will also ensure absolute efficiency in design. This session examines modular construction and its merging with digital solutions in Saudi Arabia as well as other parts of the world. By comparing lessons learned in the US Silicon Valley with advances in KSA and the wider region, get a full view of the art of the possible and implementation realities in their respective markets.

Led by:

RJ Mahadev, Founder & CEO, RaaP Builders

In conversation with:

Mashael Bin Saedan, Founder and Chairwoman, Al Saedan BT

Yoshihiro Aizawa, CEO, Aizawa Concrete Corporation

Bandar Alkahlan, General Director, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Institute

Mark Graham, Executive Director, Design Engineering Management, ROSHN

Patrick D. O'Callaghan, CEO, Off-Site Engineering Solutions

Jens Otterstedt, General Manager, Al Masaood Bergum

13.30 Networking lunch
Track 3
BIM, Virtual Construction & GIS
QUICK CASE STUDIES: How BIM can be applied at scale to optimise supply chain efficiency and delivery

BIM is yet to be fully deployed in the market and has the biggest potential to help deliver Saudi Arabia’s scale of projects. Such scale that has never been seen before and demands innovative approaches. These series of short talks explore how BIM can help address the challenges associated with massive project programmes, such as lack of materials & resources, competing delivery time frames and existing supply chain inefficiency. To address these challenges, new approaches to contracting must also be considered that can facilitate digital transformation and form an integral part of BIM.

Led by:

Craig Garrett, Digital Construction Manager KSA, ALEC Engineering and Contracting

14.30 Talk 1: BIM for owners – remote supervision of site for enhanced quality, cost, safety and control

Petr Manin, Regional Director, SIGNAX

Roman Ruksha, Account Director, SIGNAX

14.40 Talk 2: The effect of BIM in rework in KSA construction projects

Amin Badra, Digital Unit Head, Kabbani Construction Group

14.50 Talk 3: BIM use in modular projects with scheduling & quantity gains

Zakria Osman, Corporate Digital Engineering Manager, El-Seif Engineering & Contracting Company

15.00 Talk 4: FM enabled construction models

Fawwaz Hammad, Director Technical Office, Al Bawani

15.10 Q&A Session
15.20 How effective information management can optimise both project delivery and asset performance

Access to information (as data) of the right quality at the right time, trusted by all parties, is a critical enabler of the sectors digital transformation. Here we look at how daisy-chained Common Data Environments from supply chain through to client, managing Projects, Programmes and Portfolios, can produce direct productivity gains and drive-up quality.

Peter Lynch, Snr Advancement Manager, Bentley Systems

QUICK CASE STUDIES: Virtual construction – making better decisions through immersive experiences

Developing immersive virtual experiences throughout the design and build stages improves stakeholder engagement, cuts down cost and rework, improves safety and end-user experience and will become the main stay of how executives want to experience projects. The Metaverse, VR, Gamification and Reality Capture tools are becoming increasingly important in work winning, controlling design decisions and constructability rehearsals.

15.30 Talk 1: Onsite clash resolution using AR and MR

Abdullah Hassan Saqr, BIM Manager, Modern Building Leaders

15.40 Talk 2: Using the Metaverse to perfect the RealVerse – reducing project control costs by 15% through design acceleration and remote supervision

Wassim Haroun, Re-founder and CEO, CONSER

15.50 Talk 3: Virtual reality and metaverse in design optioneering


16.00 Talk 4: Metaverse in training and safety

Wees Abraham, VP–Operations and Board Member, SHADE

16.10 Q&A Session
QUICK CASE STUDIES: Success stories in GIS
16.20 Talk 1: GIS in master development planning

Manal Sayed, Senior Director – Digital Services, Khatib & Alami

16.30 Talk 2: GIS construction progress and environmental monitoring

Saeed Ullah Khan, Associate Director GIS, Digital Delivery, Projects Delivery, Red Sea Global

16.40 Q&A Session

16.50 Afternoon networking break
17.30 Close of Track 3
Track 4
Sustainability, Materials, Digital Twins
Rethinking building materials to deliver faster, greener and cheaper

This series of talks will explore innovative building materials or combinations of materials that can be used or reused to build better and help address sustainability and volume shortages such as green cement, graphene and alternatives for steel, glass and other example.

Led by:

Rob Jones, Partner, b2b Connect

14.30 Talk 1: Embodied carbon scenarios for concrete, steel and wood in KSA’s residential projects

Waleed Alghamdi, Sustainability Director, ROSHN

14.40 Talk 2: Climate considerate construction – using local materials to adapt to a desert climate

Julie Alexander, Smart Cities Director, Diriyah Gate Development Authority

14.50 Q&A Session
QUICK CASE STUDIES: Digitally linked sustainability in KSA projects

Sustainable construction practices aren’t just good for the planet - they’re also good for business. It begins in the project design phase, but general contractors can make a big change by choosing better materials and adopting leaner digital processes that are more responsible and efficient. We review some of the solutions powered by digital tools that can make a big difference.

15.00 Talk 1: Carbon calculators and project emission monitoring

Hani Abdel Razeq, Associate Sustainability Director, AESG

15.10 Talk 2: Targeting ultimate eco-friendly construction through 3D printing - Why is progress slow and what can be done about it?

Mansour Faried, HQ Chief Engineer, CSCEC Middle East

15.20 Q&A Session
QUICK CASE STUDIES: Success stories in digital twin journeys

The need to build new and modify existing assets into efficient, connected and sustainable facilities of the future is moving at a faster pace than ever before. The imperative to design, build and operate more efficiently and cost-effectively is the new norm. This session explores real digital twin journeys of different use-cases, varying assets and scale. How have these early adopters defined and implemented them and what have been the key challenges to resolve on the road to data integration.

Led by:

Wassim Haroun, Re-founder and CEO, CONSER

15.30 Talk 1: Building blocks for a digital twin in residential real estate development

Amr Saad, Associate Director BIM, ROSHN

15.40 Talk 2: A municipal digital twin

Andrew Rippon, Smart City Director, Royal Commission of Al Ula

15.50 Talk 3: International case study: Improving operator efficiency and reducing energy costs with a digital win

Chris Smeaton, Associate Principal – Digital Leader, KEO International Consultants

16.00 Talk 4: Digital twins in project progress, schedule and cost monitoring

Dr. Mansour AlOtaibi, Chairman of the Architectural Engineering Department, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (KFUPM)

16.10 Q&A Session
16.20 PANEL: Youth on digital transformation and the state of the industry

Research shows that the AEC industry is an aging one, and that it is becoming harder to attract younger tech savvy talent, more likely open to change. This candid debate delves into the youth perspective on the challenges facing the industry in relation to digital and cultural transformation and where it should be focusing its efforts to bring about change.

Led by:

Wassim Haroun, Re-founder and CEO, CONSER

In conversation with:

Mateusz Lukasiewicz, Digital Projects Analyst, KEO International Consultants

Abdulrahman Bin Muqrin, Senior Manager, ROSHN Real Estate Company

16.40 Afternoon networking break
17.30 Close of Track 4