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WakeCap was founded in 2017 to answer job site digitization challenges using emerging technologies. WakeCap’s innovation focused on the development of a non-intrusive technology that could be implemented to existing job site operations to create a turnkey solution that adds value to operational excellence.

WakeCap Technology enables an IoT based site solution designed to improve safety, efficiency and productivity on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, oil and gas operations and mining sites - even if they’re underground. We enable a site network of integrated sensors to connect the job site with a proprietary, patented wireless mesh network technology to provide an in-depth understanding of all site activity.

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DEWALT® was born on the jobsite with a mission to provide products tough enough for the most demanding pros. Products put to test under the most extreme conditions. We offer professionals a complete line of tools, accessories, anchors, and technology with end-to-end solutions. Know more about our tools and why you should choose DEWALT:

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Engineering Contracting Company. L.L.C has been one of the pioneers in the construction and engineering industry in the UAE and the Gulf region since 1975. Over the past 50 years, we have played a significant role in shaping the skyline of the UAE and have built a reputation associated not only with quality but also with efficiency and speed. Each of our projects is marked by our signature blend of technical excellence and creative vision for a sustainable, more efficient, and decarbonized built environment.

To lead the decarbonization of the construction sector through the production of sustainable and innovative construction materials, Mr. Hatem Farah, Chairman of ECC Group, laid the foundation of DesertBoard® - the world’s first palm-based wooden board.

Our cutting-edge engineered board, PSB® (Palm Strand Board), is crafted from the UAE's annually generated date palm biomass collected from the palm fronds, and embodies the principles of sustainability, quality, circularity and innovation.

Dedicated to environmental preservation, PSB® is manufactured with Zero Formaldehyde Glue, a pioneering choice in the MENA region. This establishes us as the premier provider of both E0 and NAF products, serving local, regional, and international markets.

We are making history by building the future, sustainably.

In the heart of the desert of UAE, where sustainability is ingrained in our nation’s DNA, we proudly present Desert Board, an innovative engineered wooden board crafted from upcycled palm fronds. Operating from our state of the art factory in KEZAD, Abu Dhabi, we have harnessed the abundant pruning residues of date palm trees to create an authentic nature-based construction material, PSB, Palm Strand Board.

Inspiration for this sustainable journey is drawn from the vision of our esteemed founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who championed tree planting and agriculture, safeguarding our environment for the legacy of future generations. Against deforestation, we strive to preserve our precious green spaces, cherishing the natural beauty that surrounds us.

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Established in 1951, EllisDon has grown into one of Canada’s leading companies delivering some of the largest and most complex construction projects across the country. The experienced gained in design, construction, financing, operating and maintaining those projects has continued to attract many international clients to seek the consultancy’s expertise in delivering the same level of quality, cost and efficiency. For the past five years, EllisDon has been named by the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business as one of the 50 Best Employers In Canada. The National Post also named EllisDon as one of the 50 Best Managed Companies In Canada.

EllisDon began operating in the Middle East in 2004 and to date has been responsible for delivering over $7 billion worth of projects. Having established ourselves as a key player in Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Afghanistan, combined with our core values - trust, entrepreneurial enthusiasm, complete openness, mutual accountability, integrity and mutual respect - we’re using this expertise to overcome new challenges.

As an employee-owned company delivering construction expertise and cradle-to-grave services to clients around the globe, EllisDon is well-positioned to complete over $4.5 billion in new construction work annually, employing approximately 5,000 people who reinforce a renowned presence throughout North America. For over 71 years, EllisDon has distinguished itself through innovative people that lead to innovative practices. A leader in the development of some of the most exciting projects in the world, we accentuate the need to innovate and continuously improve. This approach is how we maintain our industry leadership while providing the best possible service to our clients. Attention to the needs of our clients, combined with a clear understanding of how they operate, is central to how we do business. Our goal is not just to meet our client's needs, but to exceed them at every level.

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Omran Tech Group (Innovate, Design and Build) Omran Tech is a leading group in the field of Architecture Engineering certified by many institutions governmental and non-governmental specializing in Modern Construction (ColdFormed Steel – Hollow-Core – Precast)

Omran Tech facilitates the construction of projects for both institutions and individuals, from the innovative ideas and designs, from Dr. Ali’s Office For Engineering And Safety Consulting, to engineering supervision and many more services. Through a group of highly qualified and experienced engineers.

Qimt Al-Omran Factory for the production of Light Steel Structure and the manufacture of Glass, Aluminum, Doors and Windows with the finest advanced equipment and machinery and UPVC material that is safe for human health.

Hakim Al-Amar for Architectural Contracting, which constructs all type of construction works and finishing done by the hands of trained workers at the highest level, from implementation to deliver.

Hakim Al-Amar Gallery, which carries out carpentry and Decoration workshops in distinct and modern forms with a higher quality and safety levels.


DANAOS Software Solutions (ds), part of DANAOS Technology Ecosystem, is an award-winning, enterprise-grade, Engineering & Construction (E&C) Software Provider that empowers Constructors, Engineering Consultants, Infrastructure Operators and Facility Management companies in order to stay competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace.

ZWSOFT aims to provide reliable all-in-one CAx (CAD/CAE/CAM) solutions for designers and engineers worldwide and enables them to streamline complex design workflows at a reasonable price.

Since ZWSOFT’s inception in 1998, over 1,400,000 customers from over 90 countries have chosen our products to solve their design challenges. Among the list are the world’s most innovative companies across various industries, including Saint-Gobain, LG, and Ericsson.

ZWCAD is a reliable CAD software fully compatible with DWG® format. It empowers designers and engineers to get their work done faster and more efficiently with a seamless design experience at zero learning cost

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Khatib & Alami (K&A) is an international multidisciplinary consultancy composed of architects, engineers, planners, technologists, and other project specialists. With 6,000 people in over 30 locations, K&A has vast experience working at the forefront of fast-changing urban environments and a deep understanding of delivering major complex projects within agreed timeframes and budgets.

We fuse engineering with technology, meaning our digital services inform our approach to smart digital design. We integrate technologies and platforms like BIM, IoT, and digital twins to enable improved visualization, analysis, and decision-making. Our digital specialists combine leading technical expertise with market knowledge to offer outstanding solutions to our clients.