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Wees Abraham

Wees Abraham

VP – Operations & Strategy, SHADE CORPORATION LTD

Currently serving as the Vice President of Operations at Shade Corporation Ltd., Wees brings an impressive background of over 18 years in both Operational and Investment capacities across diverse sectors including Construction, Technology, and Finance. His expertise shines through in orchestrating business transformations and expansion initiatives on a global scale. With a well-honed skill set, he has successfully executed projects and investments across international markets.

Wees has consistently demonstrated his proficiency in navigating complexities and steering strategic restructuring efforts within the corporate landscape. His operational acumen extends beyond the surface, allowing him to discern and capitalize on opportunities that contribute to the growth and profitability of the companies he engages with. Notably, his wide-ranging experience equips him with a keen eye for investing equity in private enterprises, spanning the spectrum from fledgling startups to intricate turnarounds.

A distinguished track record underscores his ability to drive results, and his network of global affiliations further amplifies his reach. This expansive web of relationships affords him unique access to a robust portfolio of private equity investment prospects, enriching his insight into promising ventures that align with strategic objectives.

Wees is also at the forefront of establishing Shade's Family Office, a pivotal initiative aimed at diversifying the organization's investments across various asset classes worldwide. This strategic move speaks to his forward-thinking approach and commitment to ensuring sustained growth and resilience in an evolving financial landscape.

Beyond his role at Shade, Wees extends his influence by serving on four prominent boards, contributing his expertise to a spectrum of enterprises. Furthermore, his entrepreneurial spirit shines as he manages his venture capital firm, Elēkrŏn Ventures, adding an extra layer to his portfolio. Notably, he also participates as a partner in Bright Stars Hedge Fund, an esteemed public equity investment fund.

Wees's multifaceted endeavors and leadership roles bear testament to his indomitable drive, proficiency in capitalizing on opportunities, and the strategic foresight required to succeed in today's dynamic business environment.