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Wassim Haroun

Wassim Haroun

Re-founder and CEO, CONSER

Wassim Haroun is a serial entrepreneur, that has taken his IT knowledge and education and combined it with the civil engineering field during his tenure with CONSER, and have reinvented it into an innovation hub.

An avantgarde thinker with the ability to see the whole picture and quickly zoom in on the smaller issues that are needed to build the whole.

in 2020, Wassim launched CICCON and CONSER-Tech as part of the CONSER group, to become a platform to invest and enable the success of innovations for the engineering and construction industries. With remote construction supervision being the first theme to be addressed, and combining cloud, VR and AR tools to allow centralized control over many remote projects.

Wassim Haroun has spoken and presented at numerous Contech conferences in Europe and the Middle East.