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14-15 December 2022

Shawki Golmie

Shawki Gholmie

Vice President - Strategy & Corporate Development, Nesma & Partners

Shawki Gholmie is the Vice President of Strategy and Corporate development at Nesma & Partners. In his current role he is heading; the execution and planning of the company strategy alongside the President and CEO, the business and digital transformation strategy and implementation in the company, and the business development and strategic partnerships function.

Shawki co-started the digital and business transformation department in 2020 and revamped the corporate Strategy and Planning function into becoming a major contributor to the management's key decisions and revamps. He is also tasked with improving on the existing responsibilities of the Business Development function and further adding to Nesma & Partners’ reach and capabilities to match the growing demand of the industry in the country, in line with vision 2030.