Construction Technology Festival (CTF) | 14-15 December 2022 | KSA


Movenpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh

14-15 December 2022

RJ Mahadev

RJ Mahadev

Founder & CEO, RaaP Builders, Inc.

RJ Mahadev is Founder & CEO of RaaP Builders, Inc. helping reshape the construction industry through the application of modular methods and data science. Mr. Mahadev has 20+ years of experience as an executive and tech investor, helping smart cities, construction companies and industrial organizations address complex technology and business integration challenges.

Some highlights of his career include:

  • Leading the definition & implementation of the Construction Technology and Cognitive Digital Twin platforms at NEOM ( a $I Trillion cognitive city of the future being built on the border of Saudi Arabi, Jordan & Egypt.
  • Helping grow Cisco’s AIoT business to a # 1 market position through the development of full stack solutions addressing smart city & industrial use cases (
  • Conceiving and launching one of the world's first broadband wireless providers as Managing Director of Eurobroadband ( to support the 2004 Athens Olympics.
  • Propelling the first mobile network and economic growth in Nigeria by leading the product, network, and channel strategy teams for MTN Nigeria (, Africa's largest mobile network operator.

Mr. Mahadev holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration in Marketing & Finance from the University of Denver and is a recognized speaker who has presented at numerous industry and strategy conferences. Besides his active corporate life, Mr. Mahadev is also a Curator at Hello Tomorrow, a Deep-Tech Think Tank and an executive board member of AUM, a non-profit dedicated to helping marginalized communities heal through therapeutic workshops and artistic performances.