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Muhammad Farrukh Munir

Muhammad Farrukh Munir

Associate Director, IT Enterprise Architecture, ROSHN Group

Farrukh is the Senior Enterprise Architect & Design Authority for Digital, Data, Application Architecture including Platforms, and Capabilities, having broad/deep experience in defining IT and data driven Architecture for dynamic digitally enabled organizations. He has over 19+ Years of intense experience in planning, designing, implementing innovative solutions on on-premises, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and Hybrid Architectures.

He has a breadth and depth experience while working in diverse industry in various domains including United Kingdom Government, World renowned Telecom, Banking & Finance, Retail, eCommerce, Technology, Automotive, Hospitality, Reale-state and Retail.

Farrukh is a Certified Architect inquisition about technology and having expertise on designing highly resilient, secure multi-million dollar systems. Farrukh is having key interests in Enterprise Architect, Big Data Architecture, Digital Technology Architecture, Digital Transformation, API driven Architecture and Cloud Services (Data, Infrastructure, Application and Process), Automation and Cognitive.

Farrukh has Analyzed and developed technical solutions and architectural approaches to complex business problems. Facilitated collaboration between Applications, Infrastructure, Analytics, and Business to develop a technology strategy for growth.

When Farrukh is not doing the usual work, he enjoys reading books, exploring new technologies, attending various seminars and given speech in some of the key events.