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Mohamed Magdi

Mohamed Magdi

Chief Executive Officer, DAC Group

With over 13 years of distinguished experience in the Saudi Arabian Construction Industry, Mohamed stands as a visionary leader. He earned his Civil Engineering Bachelor's from Alexandria University and holds a degree of MBA from Swiss Business School, specializing in International Management.

As the dynamic CEO of DAC Group, Mohamed orchestrated a pivotal shift in strategic direction, propelling business growth and market expansion. Under his leadership, DAC Group achieved an impressive 40% surge in profitability through innovative strategies and diligent execution. His acumen is further underscored by his adept orchestration of strategic partnerships and alliances that substantially augmented market share and capitalized on emerging prospects.

A true innovator, Mohamed consistently devises unconventional solutions to elevate organizational performance. His profound leadership, strategic planning prowess, and exceptional training abilities collectively underscore his unwavering commitment to driving success.