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Craig Garrett

Craig Garrett

Digital Construction Manager, ALEC Engineering & Contracting

Based in Riyadh KSA, Craig has 30 plus years of cross industry experience and is recognized as a leading authority on digital delivery.For the last 10 years he has led successful teams to deliver iconic complex projects in the middle east and regularly promotes the benefits of good project collaboration across all stakeholders.

Working with consultants and contractors alike, on and off site, has given Craig an experience and understanding of both design and construction process and how complex digital handover can be, especially when creating the necessary embedded data for the opex phase of a project.

Managing the digital maturity and capability of a wide and varied supply chain for the benefit of manufacturing, facilities management and operational requirementsis necessary for successful delivery.

As the Digital Construction Manager in KSA, Craig regularly facilitates industry discussion and actively supports and promotes BIM adoption at every level. In addition, he develops and disseminates high quality BIM policy as mandated by government and advises key clients on digital strategy throughout the whole project lifecycle.

Complex challenging geometric projects leave us with no choice but to adopt leading technological advancements and to work together closely and communicate efficiently across organizations.