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Movenpick Hotel & Residences Riyadh

14-15 December 2022

Eoin Sheridan

Eoin Sheridan

Regional Environmental Manager, KEO International Consultants

Eoin leads the Environmental and Waste Team for KEO. He is a Chartered Waste Management Specialist with fifteen years of international experience in environment, waste management and resource efficiency experience in the private and public sectors. Eoin started his career in the public sector, working under EU legislation to support and enforce better environmental practices. Since then, Eoin has had the opportunity to work at the forefront of designing innovative environmental and waste management design solutions, focusing on developing cost-efficient strategies to reduce client costs and streamline environmental operations

To date, Eoin has worked on 200+ projects across the GCC region and internationally predominantly focusing on improving environmental efficiencies and reducing environmental degradation. From this, he has gained an understanding of the inefficiencies of environmental reporting, and how the cumbersome nature of the process can lead to poor reporting, and subsequently poor environmental site management. This education through experience has supported Eoin and the KEO team in the development of Green Port, an environmental reporting platform to streamline site environmental management on large-scale projects, over multiple languages, in a timely and efficient manner.