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Construction Technology ConFeX KSA is the region’s best platform to help Saudi Arabia’s projects market and AEC industry deliver better, faster, cheaper & greener. It brings together giga project developers, contractors, consultants, smart materials and technology companies to share digital use-cases and new approaches to work that will propel the Kingdom’s built environment into the digital and sustainable world.

Major themes include Tech for performance & efficiency, viability & competitive edge and climate & well-being. It covers the full built environment including Buildings, Infrastructure & Cities.

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Attendees represent top tier project developers, government authorities, contractors and consultants including:

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Meet the elite policy makers, investors, designers, builders, owners & operators in Saudi Arabia’s built environment. Make new connections and cement existing relationships.






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2024 Agenda

Providing insight on the implementation of BIM+, Digital Twins, Reality Site Capture, Virtual Construction, IoT, ERP, PMIS, Modular & Precast, E-Procurement, AI, Laser Scanning, Drones, Smart City Systems, Smart City Platforms, Cloud and more across Buildings, Cities and Infrastructure

The Keynotes

Performance & Efficiency

Viability & Competitive Edge

Climate & Well-Being

Digital Disciplines

CTF KSA covers at least 12 digital and sustainability disciplines in detail for the

AEC industry

. Assess which new tools, materials and approaches help to design, build and operate assets faster, greener, safer and more cost effectively.

Who Attends

Meet the decision makers behind the Kingdom’s projects market including government authorities, project owners, developers, contractors and design consultants. We invite the top 100 project owners and 50 contractors by value to attend.

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Government Authorities

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Visit an event packed with knowledge leaders sharing the latest digital use-cases and new approaches that will drive your business forward. Meet the decision makers from Saudi Arabia’s digital AEC ecosystem in one platform. Showcase your products and services directly to buyers and position your brand as integral to digital transformation of the Kingdom’s built environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the importance of sustainability in construction industry?


Construction has among the higest level of emissions of any industry globally. Approximately 40% of annual global carbon emissions are due to construciton process. Of this about 11% of emissions are during the construction process, with the rest during a building's operations, mainly for energy. Heavy emitters in construction include the manufacture of steel, cement and glass.


Is 3D printing construction sustainable?


The level of sustainability on a 3D printed project depends on the materials used and where the print is done. Many 3D printing projects use concrete. However, some companies are now investigating cleaner materials than standard concrete that have lower overall emissions in their manufacture. Some prints are done on location, and others offsite, with the finished parts transported to site for final assemly. The distanced travelled to site will have imnplications on the level of emissions.


What is a common data environment in the AEC industry?


A common data environment (CDE) is a cloud-based space that stores data from a construction project, and is made accessible to the organisations working on a project within the AEC industry.


Does Saudi Arabia have a green buildling code?


The Saudi Building Code (SBC) is a set of legal, administrative and technical regulations that outline minimum required standards for building design and construction in the kingdom. It is designed to make sure the built environment minimises its impact on the environment. In early 2020, Saudi Arabia released a new green building code called Mostadam. The rating system runs alongside the SBC and is applied to residential buildings, communities and commercial buildings. Mostadam covers two elements - Design and Construction, and Operational and Existing. It was developed to address the long-term sustainability of residential buildings.


What is the role of BIM in construction?


BIM assists architects, engineers, and constructors visualize what is to be built in a 3D constrcution environment tand asses design, construction, or operational issues.
BIM represents a new archetype within AEC, that promotes the integration of the roles of all stakeholders on a construction project.


How is IOT used in construction?


IoT devices allow aquire data on various changes in construction materials or environment conditions; tracking separate parts, details, or items; and updating BIM models in real-time.


Is 3D printing technology the future of construction?


There are a number of modern methods of construction being used in today's construction industry, including 3D printing. Others include modular construction and offsite construction.